Greater leads for your B2B website and eCommerce sales, a solid website, increased SEO traffic, increased customers trust, and brand expansion are all advantages of having a professional website designed with the Craft CMS. Allow our Craft CMS Developers to change every part of your website’s content while maintaining a distinct and custom branded appearance. Craft CMS is perfect for complete feature-rich and adaptable content management.

Dotsquares, a Craft CMS expert, is a web design and development company that specializes in creating attractive websites that are customized to meet your company’s needs. We provide the latest Craft CMS solutions in terms of your plan and make sure that your website is a great match for your business and existing sales strategy. We are constantly concerned with the quality of our work, paying close attention to the smallest details and refinements.

Craft CMS Solutions By Our Craft CMS Experts

  • Website Development & Design
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Craft CMS Plugins
  • Craft Maintenance
  • Craft Migration and Upgradation
  • Craft CMS Multisite

Our Offered Craft CMS Solutions You Can Trust


Website Designing Around Your Content

With custom fields, section types, relations, categories tags, multi-site functionality, localization, matrix, entry types, and form, our team can build an experience that is unique to your project, without having to make any assumptions about the content.


Assured Website Management

Our experienced team uses all Craft CMS built-in website management features efficiently including- Live preview, Asset Management, Image Editor, User Management, Dashboard, One-Click Updating, to make your website unique and feature-rich according to your business module.


E-Commerce Store Management

We understand that an E-Commerce business requires advanced functionality and feature interacted with the website. At Dotsquares, you can leave all the worries on us and we will manage your E-commerce store with all features like – Custom order fields, custom checkout flow, order management, products and variants, subscriptions, sales, and promotions, taxes, and shipping, purchasable & payment gateway API’s.


Craft CMS Customization

We can build bespoke content models with sections and custom fields, resulting in an easy-to-use and unbreakable system for managing material like blogs, portfolios, events, and more.


Professional Custom Craft CMS Plugins

Custom plugins tailored to your company or software integration needs can help you get more out of your Craft CMS website. We’ve built dozens of new bespoke plugins tailored to specific customer projects. Each of these adds a new level of functionality to their website without affecting the underlying code or database, which might prevent them from upgrading in the future.


Upgradation and Migration Solutions

Craft CMS migrations and up-gradation processes assist you in moving configuration and content between different CMS environments, ensuring that changes are propagated appropriately. Our Craft CMS Expert completed a number of major migrations to Craft CMS.

At Dotsquares, we have a complete range of migration and up-gradation services. You can easily migrate from other platforms to Craft, or easily upgrade Craft 2 websites to Craft 3 with Dotsquares experienced team