Why Craft CMS

Why Choose Craft CMS?

Craft CMS is a specialized content management system for web developers, designers, and professionals that offers clients flexibility, power, and ease of use. Built to be as scalable and versatile as possible, without sacrificing the simplicity of use for content creators.

A Premium Platform With An Open-Source Foundation

Craft is based on well-known open-source frameworks like Yii and Twig, and it may be extended with plugins as needed. Yii is a fast, safe, and professional PHP framework that debuted in December 2008, while Twig is a beautiful PHP templating language that debuted in 2009.

Craft is one of the most powerful and versatile content management systems on the market, thanks to its out-of-the-box custom field types, content structures, easy-to-use control panel for content editors, and beautiful templating for developers.

  • Secure & Supported
  • Marketing Tools Integration
  • Content flexibility
  • Translation & Localization of the Content
  • Internationalized Admin
  • Authors Ascend
  • Powerful Design Portfolio
  • Built-in Plugin Store

Increase Your Business Possibilities With Craft CMS

Craft is a robust, open-source, and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that enables developers to quickly transform difficult content challenges into the most appropriate website solutions, putting business power in the hands of website owners across various business sectors. Craft CMS has a well-designed administrative interface, dashboard, configurable order fields, intuitive control panel, split-screen view, live preview function, and other features that will help your business expand and thrive in the future.

Without a doubt, Craft is creating the fascinating palace of websites. If you want to develop the website, then use Craft CMS Development Services and reap the rewards.


Key Features of Craft CMS

  • Custom Fields
  • Categories and Tags
  • Section Types
  • Multi Sites
  • Asset Management
  • One-Click Updating
  • Custom Check Out Flow
  • Custom Order Fields
  • Purchase and Payment Gateway APIs

What Makes Craft CMS A Better Choice


Admin Dashboard

Craft CMS, like other CMS like WordPress, provides a back-end admin dashboard for editors and authors. Craft features a very easy and intuitive dashboard that you can use to manage your account from any device, including smartphones and tablets.


Built-in Support

You will have built-in support on the Craft CMS site’s dashboard, from which you can submit support requests to Craft’s staff straight from the dashboard.


Live Preview

Craft CMS allows you to modify the page’s look without having to republish it. You can check how your content will look before it goes live.


Rich Content Model

Craft CMS stands apart from the competition because of this functionality. The Craft’s spines are sections and entries. An author, a date, an optional expiration, and body content are all included in each entry. Singles, Channels, and Structures are the three different sorts of sections. Custom fields in Craft CMS may be entirely customized.


User Management

Craft CMS enables many administrators and authors to manage the site’s content. Craft Pro allows you to define user groups and, if desired, allow public user registration.


Tight Integration

Craft CMS treats your items as if they were any other type of content. Your items will have custom fields, will be linked to your entries, categories, assets, and other items, and you will have the same amount of control over how they will appear on your website as you will have with anything else in Craft.