Skin Enrich – Skin Care Supplements

Skin Enrich®

Heal Your Body from the Inside Out
  • Client – Skin Care Supplements
  • Industry – Beauty & Skin Care
  • Based – UK
  • Development Model – Designer And Developer Only
The Skin Enrich® Story

In 2017, Skin Enrich® came with a simple yet efficient approach for individuals to ingest collagen while maintaining their health and launched Skin Enrich, a premium liquid collagen supplement line.

Skin Enrich® wanted to find new strategies to raise brand awareness as it continued to develop as a company. Skin Enrich® fell in love with craft CMS right away. Now, Skin Enrich® can exercise a lot more control over the content, thanks to Craft’s fantastic ‘Matrix’ content type, which allows doing fancy things like place a call-to-action anywhere we want.

Why Did The Client Come To Dotsquares?

Skin Enrich® found us on Google via a simple query and by clicking on a “Request call back” option they instantly got connected with our sales team and got the answer to all the questions with easy to follow and direct instructions.

We made website content friendly and user-friendly with the help of in-built plugins like redactor, contact-form, commerce, google shopping feed, etc. Skin Enrich® was able to improve the quality of newly-sourced content & significantly increase the quality and quantity of photos & stayed true to the company’s mission.

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